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video conferencing

For those of you who have not yet joined the skype counselling revolution, net consulting is a cutting edge modality that allows you to have exactly the right approach, consultant and time that you need on-line and without leaving home! Whether you're in the same town, state, or country or not! It is almost as good as being in the room because of the amazing technology of video conferencing that is now available free to anyone with a broadband connection and a built-in camera -- and there's no phone bill!

Over the years I have often had to do phone sessions with clients who have moved, who travel or who came to the US for a workshop but needed to wrap up their work. The phone only allows the voice to express feelings on both sides of the communication. Seeing the person is infinitely better, more intimate and rewarding. It is as good from Scotland as from Oakland. The image and sound are the real thing.

The technology is completely secure and confidentiality is assured. Whether you're too busy, need privacy, live in a small town, don't drive, or live across the ocean you can do it!

Half of my clients see me twice a week; once in person and once on skype/facetime.