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"Lila Caffery is an inspiring therapist. I know her from the Enneagram community, where she excels in her understanding of the system. I also know her to be an expert in inner child work. I recommend her and her workshops highly.

-Elizabeth Wagele
Author of the new book: The Enneagram for Teens: Discover Your Personality Type and Celebrate Your True Self

"LIla is an preternaturally intuitive counselor. Working with Lila I was amazed by her fearlessness in the pursuit of my inner truth. I found her to be a game changer as I began to take my next life steps, which I had resisted until working with her. I am appreciative of her seeming limitless store of professional knowledge and experience. With her insight and patience, she and I together removed many of my inner barriers, I have been able to embrace my true inner self and I am finally knowing my true personal success. I am grateful for Lila Caffery."

-Tony D

"It's hard to describe how important Lila has been to my life. It is equally as difficult to explain the kind of process she goes through with her clients.
I have described her as a career coach here at Linked in, which is an apt description because without doing the work we did together, I probably would not have been strong enough to move forward in life and take on my dreams and goals to the high degree of which I hoped I was capable.

"Lila's workshop for The Inner Child was most definitely a turning point and catalyst for turning the page of my past to writing & building new chapters that I never dreamt possible. In short, we worked on resolving any dysfunctional family issues which affected me as a child and burdened me as an adult. Those issues were not helping me become the person I wanted to be. So, the various techniques and projects that Lila developed in her workshop truly helped me to come to terms with so many personal things and eventually allowed me to be able to let go and move ON!

"What better way to make life more productive and successful than to “get out of my own way” and be the person I strive to be. I recommend her Inner Child Workshop to everyone- I did it twice just to be sure I had all of my "burdensome stuff" out of the way!

" I can most enthusiastically endorse and recommend Lila Caffery as a Coach, Therapist, and Advisor. Thank you Lila! "


"I am a 52 year old gay man who has availed of Spiritual Direction for several years on a regular basis. Recently, issues surfaced in spiritual direction that required the help of a professional therapist who possessed skills in the arena of inner child work and healing. While browsing the internet i stumbled across Lila Caffery and her website. I decided to seek her professional help as a result of reading her bio which seemed to fit my needs and issues.

"Over several sessions Lila helped me to explore issues from my childhood that have contaminated my adult life for many years. She did this by assigning me a number of weekly tasks which included: preparing a number of collages, writing, journaling, role play and ritual. Through this process she succeeded in identifying with me my core issue and worked with me to name and claim it giving it a proper place in my life.

"Her input feedback and insights in our discussions were spot on and rang true for me on many occasions.

"Because of my experience in therapy with Lila, I have also decided to participate in a weekend she is holding on inner child healing on the 9-11th of May at her home in San Francisco.

"I particularly liked the ways in which Lila so comfortably accommodated a space for the Divine in our conversations, as that mattered to me.

"Lila is a very skilled and experienced therapist who is both compassionate and deeply understanding of the human condition while at the same time sensitively spiritual. I consider myself very blessed to have 'stumbled' across her and can highly recommend her to you."

Martin, Ireland

"When I first met Lila I was in a state of deep depression and had completely given up on myself and my ability to continue with a career for which I had trained for over 10 years. All I wanted was to give up all responsibility and live in a state of despair. I was angry at everyone and especially myself. I started with a Inner Child weekend workshop. At the time it was the most difficult thing I had done. The first day I sat with my arms crossed and scared some of the others participants with anger. I had to force myself to go back the second and third days, but began to see how all my previous years of feeling something was wrong and always afraid were not the only way to live as I had previously feared and accepted. Over time I learned that life was something to be enjoyed and not endured. Lila helped me to see that and was always there for me even when I couldn't be there for myself.

"Now I am back at my career again and have been for several years. I am actually now leading a team of others which is a big step for someone who was sure they couldn't even manage themselves. The anger and fear are a thing of the past and even in the toughest of times (believe me they have been much tougher than I ever imagined they could even before I began with Lila) I can be strong for myself and my family, friends and co-workers. I am able to work through the tough times, without the need for blame and with love in my heart for myself and those around me. My current co-workers and bosses regularly comment on my amazing ability and desire to always improve both my skills and myself as a human, even when that means doing things I don't want, or seeing/hearing tough things about myself. When those times arise, I always remember to love myself first and I learned that from Lila."

-Jen, San Francisco

"I've been to a bunch of therapists. I am also a therapist myself. Lila has helped me transform my life. While i was seeing her, she was committed equally ( and sometimes more) to healing my old negative patterns. She is smart, tenacious and caring. She works hard to understand what the issues are and helps problem solve around assisting you where you want to go. I highly recommend!!"

Kristin, Pacifica