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Clinical Hypnotherapy is a healing modality that goes back beyond its use by Freud, Jung and Harvard psychologist William James, to ancient Greece. Today it is recognized as a safe and direct way to build self-esteem, to strengthen our power to overcome our early self-limiting programming, to allow our unconscious creative and spiritual powers to be tapped to help change addictive patterns, to heal our pain, or to simply learn to be a better speaker or even to play tennis better!
Our lost memories can be found again, our wounds from difficult childhoods where we were unsafe, lost, abandoned, psychologically or physically and sexually abused can be healed. Hypnosis is a direct path to the subconscious which directs our lives without our conscious awareness. Dreams reveal in a coded fashion some of this material but hypnosis is deeper and more direct. I often use it in concert with the experiential and spiritual work of healing the inner child.
Medically it is used for the reduction of chronic pain, to augment, reduce and even replace anesthesia and shorten recovery in childbirth or in delivery itself, and in dental and medical procedures. After chemotherapy it is used to reduce nausea.
Hospitals and medical schools are exploring and teaching these uses. If you have never tried hypnosis, it is a natural and safe process with substantial research confirming its efficacy. It is a wonderful method for healing.

Mount Fuji in Japan

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a graduate of the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy and of the advanced training at Saybrook University with Dr. Ian Wickramasekera of Stanford University. Ian Wickramasekera, PhD. is currently on the adjunct faculty of Saybrook University where he teaches classes related to neuroscience and integrative medicine and the past President of the American Psychological Associationís Society of Psychological Hypnosis.
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