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Inner Child Dramas

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The work you find yourself doing with Lila is truly profound and life changing.  If you are feeling drawn to this at all, I highly recommend looking into it further and calling Lila to get more information.  I wasn't sure about going this route at first, but after I spoke with her it all became very clear, and what she was describing was what I had been needing to do my whole adult life.
–Mali C.

Lila creates a safe space and her experiential drama plays are deep, powerful and gentle. I also loved the people in the group. She attracts open-hearted men and women.
– Clara C.

I did her group workshop a number of years ago and it has stuck with me. The work helped me to heal many issues around my family and my childhood so that I could move past them and have the life I was meant to lead.  
–Robert F.