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We spend most of our time at work, but often we don’t have a sense of being able to direct our choice or the direction of its development. We become an accountant because we were good at math, or a counselor because we were good with people. There were dozens of other possibilities that we never considered or even knew existed. Later we just stayed in a place that was ok and hoped to get a promotion. We worked hard and hoped for the best.

This is all too common a story. It can be so much more exciting and fulfilling! It is not too late to make it so. We can take charge of our careers, change them, or add skills to what we do, leave dead-end places . And yes , we can start again after a layoff, or even a firing.

Sometimes we have to handle a difficult boss. That, too can be done with finesse; a game plan.

The old saw "work smarter, not harder," is, after all, true. We just need to know ourselves, our talents, our possibilities.

Contact me for a consultation and let's find out what your possibilities are and discuss a plan to achieve them.